Vanguard Pai Lung Spare Parts

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Vanguard Pai Lung carries a complete line of spare parts for all machine models it manufactures. When it comes to high quality OEM parts, you can count on Vanguard Pai Lung.


Our recently updated, state of the art cylinder manufacturing plant produces cylinders, top rings sinker dials, and rib dials of the highest quality available. Ask for a tour whenever you are in the area. One of our sales representatives will gladly show you around.



Our cams are made of high quality tool steel to the most restricting tolerances. They are machined and inspected in our own plant, insuring the most up to date cam track patterns available. Have a special fabric you want to knit, contact our engineering department for help with your special needs.


Other Manufacturer’s Spare Parts
Vanguard Pai Lung, is now supplying cams and carriers for all knitting machine makes and models.
– Parts will be manufactured at Vanguard Pai Lung or at other quality contractors.
– Vanguard Pai Lung technical expertise and state of the art manufacturing and inspection equipment will insure quality.
– Parts are guaranteed to perform.
– Pricing is more than competitive against any legitimate supplier.
– Deliveries are quick, measured in weeks for most standard parts.