Titan Pro Series

Improved Camming:

  • New heat treating process improves cam hardness.
  • High luster polished finish extends needle and sinker life.
  • Patented triple push sinker cams for higher speeds and doubles sinker life.

Tolerance Improvements:

  • Improved cylinder tolerances minimizing needle lateral movement and vibration.
  • Tighter tolerance on the cylinder cam radius helps increase speed, reduces vibrations and extend parts longevity.

New Center Roll Take-Up:

  • Reduces fabric creasing and damage.
  • Reduces machine vibration.
  • Simple hydraulic doffing system.

New Wire Glide Ball Race:

  • Smoother, quieter and more precise.

Zirconium Carrier

  • Triples carrier life compared to standard steel carriers.

Improved Fabric Spreader:

  • Cadratex type spreader with consistent fabric and tension control.

Cylinder Fabric Control Ring:

  • Reduces pressure on the cylinder and the Sinkers which reduces wear and extends life.

New Gate Designs:

  • The new split gate design eliminates maintenance of casters and gate sagging.
  • Improved front gate latch with a maintenance free secure latching system.
  • Fixed side gates reduce maintenance and replacement parts while maintaining all access points.

Side Oil Drain:

  • Easier draining and less likelihood of clogging.
  • Located in the drive leg which reduces risk of fabric contamination.

Improved VPL Scanner Cage for Diameters 24" and Below:

  • Allows VPL fabric scanner to be used simultaneous with the VPL internal fan system on smaller diameters.

VPL Cooling System:

  • Simplified design eliminates costly labor and maintenance.

Total Factory Management System:

  • Standard on all new Titan’s equipped with VPL scanner allowing scheduling, Monitoring and “Total Factory Management”