Small Double

Models 1SR1.5/SI and 1SR2/SI

1SR15SI-for-Web(1SR1.5/SI Shown)
The high production, small diameter rib machine is ideal for producing the finest quality fabrics used in the apparel, industrial, medical, and packaging industries. The 1SR2/SI rib is equipped with a 2 piece, fully tracked cylinder cam (U.S. Patent 5,182,927 Foreign Patents Pending) allowing for adjustment of the stitch draw without losing the yarn feeding position of the needle. This unique cam design offers the close tolerances of a monoblock cam, while allowing for separate stitch adjustment. The 1SR1.5/SI uses a monoblock cam system. These computer designed closed cam track systems ensure positive needle control and superb stitch definition.

Rib Fabric Scope

– 1 x 1, 2 x1, and 2 x 2 rib fabrics
– Elastomeric plaited fabrics

Machine Specifications

Specifications Rib
Diameter 4 to 10 inch (127 to 254 mm)
Standard Cut 4 to 14 Needles per Inch
Feeds 1.5 per inch for 5 and 6 inch diameter machines;
and 2 per inch for 7 to 10 inch diameter machines
Speed Factor up to 1000*
Cam Track 1
* Depending on yarn quality, fabric type, mill conditions, and machine maintenance.