Large Single

Models SJ4A/D, SFT4/D, SJ3A-DI2L and SJ4A-DI3

Delta-MachineThe high speed, high production jersey and fleece machines are ideal for producing the finest quality single knit fabrics. The computer designed closed cam track system ensures positive needle control and provides superb stitch definition. The jersey machine is equipped with angular sinker technology to improve fabric quality and lower the defect rate, even at the highest speeds. The fleece machine is equipped with a 3 level sinker (U.S. Patent 5,477,707 Foreign Patents Pending) for improved knitting.

Jersey Fabric Scope
– Plain single jersey fabrics ideal for sportswear, leisure wear, underwear, and T-shirts
– Feeder stripes, plaited fabrics, 2-yarn fleece, satin stitch, lacoste, crepe, and twills

Fleece Fabric Scope

– 3-yarn tie in fleece ideal for sportswear and leisure wear
– 1 x 1, 2 x 1, and 3 x 1 needle selection
– Diagonal, crossover, random patterns or french terry

Machine Specifications

Specifications Jersey Fleece
Diameter 11 to 36 inch (280 to 915 mm) 11 to 36 inch (280 to 915 mm)
Standard Cut 16 to 28 Needles per Inch 12 to 22 Needles per Inch
Feeds 4 per Inch 3.5 per Inch
Speed Factor up to 1750* up to 1000*
Cam Track 1, 2, 3 or 4 4
* Depending on yarn quality, fabric type, mill conditions, and machine maintenance.