Remanufactured Machines

Vanguard Pai Lung offers sales and service of Remanufactured Vanguard Pai Lung machines and Used machines from various manufacturers.

A remanufactured machine is completely disassembled and inspected. Any out of tolerance or worn parts are re-machined or replaced to insure proper operation. Only Vanguard Pai Lung can offer a totally remanufactured machine with a new machine warranty.

Whatever your needs are, you can count on the expertise of Vanguard Pai Lung’s Used Machine Division to supply quality products.

(All equipment subject to prior sale, appraisals, auctions, and liquidations.)

Full Listing of what VPL offers on all remanufactured machines
1. Disassemble machines: We completely tear down machine to original skeleton frames
2. Professional Paint: Machines will be painted in our New Machine paint booth
3. Electrical Wiring: All original wiring will be replaced with all new wiring with schematics enclosed
4. Inverter drive: Install new state-of-the-art Telemecanique inverter drive system with new relays and contactors for auxiliary equipment
5. Gear Ring: Remove, inspect, replace or hobb gear ring if needed and add new ball bearing to factory recommended specifications
6. Oiler: Fully recondition automatic oiler and completely test and add new oil lines
7. Top Fan: Fully recondition top fan and completely test and add new fan blades
8. Triple Push Sinker Cams: Add all new patented triple push sinker cams (USA made)
9. Knit Cams: Add all new 1500 speed factor knit cams (USA made)
10. Cylinders: New OEM (USA made) cylinders installed
11. Take Ups: Completely disassemble, add new bearings and new rubber
12. Technicians: VPL Honduras now employs 2 fully trained technicians
13. Setup assistance: We will have our VPL Honduras technicians there to help with installation of all machines
14. Warehouse and parts: VPL stocks over a million dollars’ worth of spare parts in Honduras for quick and timely delivery
15. Warranty: VPL will warranty these machines for 1 year